i need you to improve a current assignment with the notes mentioned by the professor not write a new piece

The paper I submitted is below. The notes that the professor provided are as follows (please implement the necessary changes):

You have a very good hypothesis and I liked the abstract you did not label the introduction you have an OK literature review the should go for 3 to 4 pages. I did not see your methodology well described here that should be at least a page or two. In addition to a problem statement you should also have a purpose statement. Remember the literature review should not be cut and paste it from the annotated bibliography it should be conversational and from the body of your discussion. I am not sure if you’re going to do an interview or you’re doing a survey but if you are these need to be described in your research method and it should include a discussion of the participants, the actual survey, and the procedure in other words how you’re going to go about doing it. Also if you do this in the appendices you will need a sample of the release form as well as a sample of the actual survey. Finally you will need a preliminary conclusion. Please send it to me in messages as well as re-posting it here with your name research proposal_rough draft and put either draft number two or take to… Make these changes and you’ll be well on your way to a final product.

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