i need help with my art discussion 1

For this topic, you will have to take photos of people! Their “outfits”, hair, nails, tattoos, earrings, etc- IF it’s dynamic enough to be considered of aesthetic interest- you’ll know because it will catch your eye or seem out of he ordinary.

ART EXPERIENCE: photograph of a large selection of “body art” (NOT to be confused with just tattooing) in your daily life. Not from the internet. You must take photographs of the actual humans. The people can be your family, friends, or willing strangers.

After you have collected at least 18 examples, make a visual diary (tile images) of all you have found.

You may include up to 3 “tiled” pictures.

Include this visual diary as a series of a few layout “tiled pictures”. Please describe the aesthetic decisions that you are identifying (the ways I’m which individuals choose to make “personal body” art.

Each “tiled image” should have a several photos, that are all describing the same personal art form.

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