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This assignment requires that you use Excel and the Class Survey file to construct the desired tables and graphics. Copy your Excel graphics into a word document for submission or print off just the table and graph to turn in. Do not turn in the data. Excel is a tool to create items but should not be used in the presentation of these items. Up-to half credit will be awarded for any assignment turned in within a week of the deadline.

Accuracy points are awarded for appropriate labels for each column or axis and an appropriate title for the table or graphic in addition to the summary statistics involved. Use the entire data set (student and instructor responses) for these questions!

  • Construct a table that summarizes Pet that includes a column for frequency and another column for relative frequency.
  • Construct a bar chart “aka column chart in excel” without data values being labeled, other than through the vertical axis, of frequencies of Email. Note that ordinal level data should have the categories in order on the graph and might require you to change the order in the table!! You can do this by choosing a class and selecting the move up or move down option.
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