i know you where asking for more work my next assignments open up on friday so i will have more work for you

This is a small-group discussion forum. Continue working in your assigned group is based on the theme you chose.

Respond to the following:

  • Think about the work you have done over the course of the last eight weeks. Evaluate your growth tied to the research writing process.
  • Consider the work you delved into as related to considering various arguments surrounding your topic.
    • How did your thoughts contribute to the dialogue?
    • How did your research inform your topic further?
  • Consider the following questions as tied to Bloom’s taxonomy of learning as you write your discussion post this week in tandem with your reflections:
    • Remembering: What did I do over the course of the term?
    • Understanding: What fundamental things do I understand about writing an argumentative essay?
    • Applying: Where can I use what I learned in the class again?
    • Analyzing: Using feedback from my instructor, peers and tutors, do I see patterns in my work that inform on what I have done so far?
    • Evaluating: How would you rate yourself as being able to write an argumentative paper at the start of the class in comparison to now at the end of the class?
    • Creating: Outside of writing, how might I use what I learned in this class in other endeavors?
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