how do you promote blood donation camp so that people volunteer and come forward to donate blood 2

Objective is motivating or promoting 100% voluntary blood donation through some strategies so that people willingly donate blood.

1. Title must be based on the objective . it must be broad , more specific like what strategy we are going to take to achieve 100% voluntary blood donation and it should be interesting .. it can also be comparative (for example please find the attachment below ). This is more of individual thoughts how you as an individual promote/motivate blood donation.

2. All the sub topics must satisfy the evaluation criteria (please find the attachment below )

3. No deviation from the main subject.. So sub topics like side effects must be avoided .

4. References and citation must be mentioned right away below each para.

5. Pages must be around 15-20

6. Please search more information regarding this in ebsco link ONLY



7. Below are the components attached and research paper should cover these components.

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