hist 1302 007 united states history since 1887

Discuss ONE of the following topics:
1) In your opinion, what was one of the most important developments or inventions during the Gilded Age? What is the rationale behind your answer? Of all the major figures identified in this period, who had the most significant impact and why? (Topic 1 Exception – You cannot choose the railroad as your answer.)
2) Who were the various groups of migrants to the West after the Civil War? Why did they move there? How did the federal government’s post–Civil War policies in the West affect Native Americans?
3) What were the causes of the Spanish-American War (War of 1898)? What were the consequences of the war for American foreign policy? In your opinion, did the United States make the correct decision in going to war against Spain, or was it an unnecessary war?

Must use Chicago style citation and must be cited from America: A Narrative History Chicago Brief 11th Edition, Volume 2 only. Pick one of the three topics and answer all questions for the topic. List number and question before answering in 2-3 paragraphs for each one.

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