help with discussion post 4

provide answer under each question. APA format. please be clear and concise. DO not need a paper.

part 1:

Network Address Traversal (NAT) allows multiple LAN machines with private IP addresses to communicate with Internet based servers using one public IP addresses. Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows external access to internal LAN resources by creating a secure ‘tunnel’ between the remote machine and the firewall.

Both of these techniques are widely used in corporate networking today, yet both involve inherit risks. Can you think of some ways that configuring these protocols could pose a security risk? Respond to this thread with your thoughts.

part 2:

Discuss how a specific standard or regulation impacts a business. (For example, how does GDPR impact the Royal Dutch Shell company?) (Write 200 words)

part 3:

  1. How is monitoring different than auditing? Are there different roles/personnel involved with monitoring and auditing? If so, why would there be? If not, why not?
  2. Why are external (IT) audits required in highly regulated environments such as healthcare or financial institutions? Provide at least four items that an external auditor would be auditing in an IT environment for either healthcare or a financial institution.
  3. It is said that we (of IT) are required to exercise due diligence with respect to IT systems and services. Why is it our responsibility? How does exercising IT due diligence increase the business’ trust in electronic systems?
  4. Discuss the IT compliance requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. What specific section of the Act applies to IT controls?
  5. What is the difference between GAAS and GAAP?
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