help in english homework please only expert

1. Click on the Simple Phrases Worksheet link above. Make sure you read and follow all of the directions in this Worksheet.

2. Remember: The Phrases Formulas Handout is posted in CANVAS; you will need this handout to complete this assignment.

3. Bring your completed worksheet to class on Monday. You may write or type this assignment.

The “Ulysses” Poem Assignment:

1. Find information about the “Ulysses” poem’s author: Alfred Tennyson. Read and keep this information in your notebook.

2. Read and study the “Ulysses” poem that I gave to you during class. A copy of the poem is also posted in CANVAS in the Assignments section.

3. Write your notes on the “Ulysses” poem. Look up any words or terms that you do not understand.

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