has the adoption of digital platforms in news making resulted in a greater public good

This paper is based on the course with the following description:

This module will extend understandings of digital culture and its relationship to socio-cultural, political and economic vectors of knowledge and experience. The first part of the module will focus on big picture and more theoretical issues surrounding digital culture. We will begin with some of the broad theoretical approaches to the philosophy of technology, debates around posthumanism, and reflect upon the ways in which technology warps and adapts what it means to be human. From these abstract heights, we will then turn to two core technologies of the contemporary digital age: machine learning (or artificial intelligence) and blockchains. Each week will provide an introduction and explanation of these technologies, their promises, and their limits. Next we will turn to the concrete materiality of the digital. The first week of this will look at how our digital world relies upon physical infrastructures, with particularly focus on the ecological impacts of a digital society. The second week will then look at the bodies that make possible our digital experiences. The second half of semester one will then examine a number of important contemporary debates around digital society, ranging from privacy concerns, to the internet of things. In each case, we will try to make sense of current issues while also pointing towards future developments.

The paper should be heavily analytical as well as argumentative. The attached sources must be used in addition to extra sources that the writer is free to choose.

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