grief throughout the lifecycle presentation

Imagine you have been asked to give a speech with several future volunteers on how grief effects people. Create a PowerPoint to show how we grieve through our life cycle because this group will be working with individuals of all ages. Describe how an individual’s changing concept of death and dying is viewed across the lifespan (childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle-aged adulthood, and older adulthood) affects understanding, coping, and how someone within a helping profession can best help that individual. Also, consider cultural aspects when working with others. Try to use as many terms as possible that you have learned from this course.

Create a presentation with at least 10 slides in color with pictures, illustrations and graphs as needed. The first slide must be a cover slide with the title of your presentation, your name, the full id for your course (PSY 2110 Psychology of Death & Dying) and the semester and year you are taking the course (Summer 2019).

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