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Postpartum depression causes many events to happen in a womens life, in most of the cases you hear the different emotions that a women may go through after giving life. It’s hard especially when you’re going through these series alone with out help, I’ve heard of the Andrea Yates story but researched again, this story is so sad! As a mother myself I could never imagine harming my child, but will do everything in my power to help myself as well protect him from danger. Yates children were innocent and they didn’t have to suffer or have their lives cut short, the mother should have gone to seek additional help as well counseling to ease the depression. The body goes through many changes but one bad decision can turn into regret being that she committed a crime and although she had a psychological issue I feel that the sentencing was fair. I believe it should be considered as manslaughter before things got serious so many things could have been done and decisions could have been made properly. Taking the life of children ,even afterwards she should receive treatments but not for a second should she be given less time because had she not been the mother of the children the person would’ve served the max.

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