finding a source about global politics and write an essay about it

I need a reliable source that has an article talks about the subject of “Theories of Global Politics” and how it affects the international relations.

And write an essay of two pages in which you analyze the argument(s) presented in one news article on a global issue. Your response should consist of three main sections. The introductory paragraph explains the issue under discussion. The second section describes the arguments presented by the writer of the news article. In the third section you present your own evaluation of the author’s argument(s). In other words, do you agree with the author’s argument? Do you disagree? And why? A “critical” discussion should not include your feelings about the author’s writing style (e.g. “I like this article” or “This article is boring”), but aim for an intellectual/academic treatment of the ideas. In addition to summarizing the main points of the article, you are expected to evaluate the article at a critical level. At the end of your response, you are expected to include a discussion question. works cited at the end.

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