finals project 1500 words

You have decided you want to direct a new production of Our Town,in celebration of its 75thanniversary. To do this, you need the backing of a producer, and I am that producer. Therefore, you must prepare a prospectus for me, which in this class means a presentation or report. The presentation could take many forms. It could be a written report, as described below, but you could also be creative. Perhaps you want to create a webpage the presents the project. You could also prepare a video that demonstrates your concept. For example, maybe you want to do an Our Town for your town. This means you could include on a video some film of the houses or cemetery that inspires you. Perhaps some of your friends you would cast, talking about why they want to play the part. If you are artistic, perhaps you want to include what the poster would look like or the program for the play. Do not feel obligated at all to do all these things, but use these ideas to spark how you can fulfill the requirements in a way that best meets your own creative impulses. Be creative, but make sure you include the ideas mentioned below.

The report must include the following:

  • Your paper must have a heading and must include your name, title, and date. If a creative project, make sure you convey this same information in an appropriate way.
  • Your first paragraph will introduce yourself and explain why you want me to produce this play (obviously, you will want to use some creative imagination here!). Again, adapt as appropriate for the medium you will use for your presentation.
  • The next paragraph should explain your concept: what time period, what kind of stage, which city, etc.
  • Explain the audience you hope to attract and how you want them to react
  • Include a section on costume, props, design, and so forth.
  • Finally, have some fun with the casting of the play. You can use the approach mentioned above, or you could certainly use known actors. Either way, you would want to make sure to explain to the audience why these people are appropriate for the particular character. I don’t expect you to cast everyone, but you certainly need to cast the Stage Manager, Emily, George, and their parents.

The paper should be at least 1500 words (an if not writing, use your best judgment about what would be appropriate for a final project). Use standard font, double space, write in full paragraphs with topic sentences, make sure you have a thesis, and you write in crisp sentences. You may certainly refer to other productions, but make sure you identify these productions.

Your paper will be graded on the following:

  • Application of the concepts and knowledge from our readings and discussions
  • Demonstration of creative thinking to this project
  • Your attention to detail
  • The quality of the writing (or filming, etc.)
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