final project wrapping up 4 papers this term

I have a final paper due for this term in economics. I have worked with you on the prior 3, this paper kinda builds off them. Would you be interested? It references some links, I will send those.

Assignment Overview:

8-12 pages (minus cover and reference pages) . There are four written assignments in this class. The assignments are sequential and build on the theme of penetrating a foreign market with a product. The choice of country and product are totally up to you. When looking at expanding into a foreign market, there are many considerations that must be taken into account. Cultures, economies, and the political and business climates vary across countries. In the assignments, you will be analyzing the factors that may lead to a successful introduction of a product into a different country. Keep in mind, it is just as important to know when not to proceed with the market penetration strategy as it is to decide to proceed. It is far better to spend a few hundred thousand analyzing a possibility and reject it than to move in without the prior analysis and invest millions only to have the product fail.

  • Assignment One: Economic Theory & Perspective
  • Assignment Two: Analyze Trade and Trade Theory
  • Assignment Three: Analyze the US Credit Crisis, and policies that lead to, and helped come out of it.Lessons Learned = Diagnose and Prescribe
  • Assignment Four: What Market Strategy should be pursued and in Which Market (Country)?

Details and recommended references for each assignment are in the Assignment Link on Blackboard. (the links are listed below in the checklist). For the final assignment, you will apply what you have learned in the text, DB and research. So, in the end, you will have a very comprehensive International Market Strategy Analysis.

Note: Please use correct APA format, including a cover page, in-text citations, and a References page. Please write in third person.

Country Study – Introducing a Product in a Foreign Country

Write a report on your proposed strategy to enter a foreign market that integrates the following:

• The fit for your product with the culture, politics and economy of the country

• How you plan to cover market, investment and exchange rate risk?

• Your assessment of the economic health of the country to sustain your business.

• Integration of an ethical framework into the decision analysis

Note: Think of this as a summary integrative piece that ties some of the core insights of the course on globalization, integrating cultural and political issues in economic policy, economic theory, assessing the economic health of a country, trade policy, FDI policy, Immigration/Talent policy, exchange rate policy, balance of payments policy and open economy macroeconomics.

Checklist: Make sure in this analysis you have the following details:

1. Cultural Risk

Use the tools of Hofstede in the text or similar ones (see links below too) to situate your country on a cultural map and then discuss your strategy to launch your product in that cultural context.

2. Political Risk –

You could use the index of political freedom, economic freedom etc to summarize the country’s political economy. World Bank Governance Indicators

3. Market Risk

You could use Market Potential of Globaledge as well as the Doing Business site of the World Bank among other resources

4. Economic Risk

Identify major economic issues including trade, unemployment and inflation

Detail Exchange Rate Risk

Highlight any FDI Risk

5.Ethical Risk

• Integrate the Stewardship Principles into your analysis of risk

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