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1. Give any two feedback based on that Read pages 64-79 of The Last Lecture. How have your experiences shaped your identity? How has your identity impacted your life thus far?

A. The definition of the word identity is, ‘condition of character as to who a person or what a thing is; the qualities, beliefs, that distinguish a person or thing.’

Basically, it is what makes me who I am.

Every experience in my life has shaped me to be who I am today, but one specific experience stands out to me.The day I became a mom, 2,194 days ago. In some ways it reminds me of ‘the brick wall’ Randy Pausch experienced with Jai. The day I found out I was pregnant I was terrified. I had no idea how I would get threw carrying and caring for a child. I figured things out along the way, but it took perseverance and determination because I didn’t want to just ‘get threw it’ I wanted to be amazing at it. This was an event that drastically changed my life forever, and not just mine, but everyone in my life that is close to me. Being a mother is by far the most rewarding and challenging job I could have ever imagined. As a result of it, I am more patient, forgiving, compassionate, mindful, appreciative, and joyful. Being a mother has helped me be more understanding in situations. This in turn has helped me establish better and lasting relationships. Motherhood has also taught me the importance of priorities. Wow has this impacted my life! Not just in school, but in every part of my life. Prior to being a mother my identity could have been best described as self centered and materialistic. My identity and priorities now are so much different thank goodness!

Another ‘quality’ I have gained from being a mother is my incredible ability to multi task. This is extremely helpful when juggling things in life; school, parenting and other adult responsibilities. Being able to multi task has enabled me to take care of my home, my now three children and has allowed me to go back to school.

B. To understand my identity i have to explain what i believe to be my own identity. so to start I’m Latino i grew up with Mexican music like banda, bachata, and corridos. but at the same time i listen to oldies like Coolio old school Micheal Jackson, Eminem, ice cube. this music that i listen to shaped me to be in all sense and purposes into a Chicano. born and raised in Utah, I love to watch the snow fall from the sky outside my home. but at the same time even thought I’ve had all this stuff happen that is great. but sadly at the same time I have seen lose i lost my grandfather pass away from cancer so with this book on The Last Lecture i really do Correlate with a lot of the things he says in his book. then two years later one of my closest friends in high school had suffered a horible accident and passed away.

The reason im explaining all of this is for us to know how our experiences has shaped us. We need to know, where we come from, what makes us happy, but at the same time we as people need to acknowledge the tough situation. as well these tough situations shape our identity. Yes many of the things that have happened in my life have been tough. but has helped me identify who I am, who I want to be, and has made a goal to achieve this person.

This final question ” how has your identity impacted your life thus far?” This questions is difficult for me to answer. due to the fact that i think the tougher the situations you are presented with shape your future. There is something my father aways says when any of his kids or grands kids, are knocked down and in the dumps. He says god gives you challenges and the tougher the challenge you get the better person you come out to be. i find this statement to sum up what this questions means. because i find your identity, my identity are shaped by the tougher the situation you are shown this is what makes you, you.

C. We are all shaped by our experiences and our identity. Mine might be a little different than most of the people here. I was raised in poverty with a loving single mother and six brothers and sisters. We lived and worked on a small farm in rural Chester County, Pennsylvania. I saw education as a way out of the poverty that I was raised knowing. I’m also a gay Latino male, who has been a victim of both racism and homophobia over the years. This has made me a super-resilient individual who always gives 150% so I can overcome people’s perceptions and stereotypes about me. In high school, I excelled. I was vice-president of my school’s FFA chapter and I learned how to take my personal and family situation and turn it into something good for them and my community.

My experiences that shaped my identity led me to eventually move to Delaware, where I took my challenges as a young, gay Latino and decided to become an advocate for underprivileged families and children. I ran for a seat on the Red Clay School Board earlier this year and I won!! I’m now the first Latino elected in the school board’s history, which is both amazing and sad at the same time that a District that is 1/3 Latino hasn’t seen some representation ever! So many people and their identities are viewed as a negative by society — many of them poor and people of color. I found the strength to overcome them and be a voice for change and I think that is so important!

2. Read pages 80-116 of The Last Lecture. Randy Pausch states in his book that time management is crucial for success. Why did he believe that this is so important? Are you an effective manager of your time? What techniques do you use to manage time in your day?

3.Read pages 117-156 of The Last Lecture.Work ethic is the idea that hard work is important to strengthen a person’s character. What is Randy Pausch’s philosophy on work ethic? Do you agree or disagree and why?

4. post your overall impression of the book. Briefly discuss how the book has impacted you and what lesson you might take away and implement in your life.

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