exploring total quality management

1. Pick a company you would like to research.

2. Locate this company’s website. You can use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to locate its website.

3. Explore the company’s site and look for evidence of TQM principles. Look for both People Orientation and Improvement Orientation. List at least 2 specific examples to bring to your team for discussion. The best way to locate this information is to go to the company’s “about us” page. This page might be under another name such as: “our company.” a. For example: People Orientation: At GE, employees in every location worldwide are encouraged to provide feedback. The company also has many networking and mentoring programs. Improvement Orientation: Part of GE’s mission is to make the world a better place through technological advancements. One of the company’s most recent innovations LEXAN SLX, a plastic film that replaces the need for paint on cars parts.

4. State which company that you chose and write one paragraph for each core principle of TQM and how you think the company embodies those principles (see example excerpt from above). Create a topic in your team forum for this discussion. This is part of your grade for the assignment.

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