explain the neo confucian renovation with an emphasis on the buddhist challenge

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Prompt #1: Explain the Neo Confucian renovation with an emphasis on the Buddhist challenge.


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Only use this book source and lecture notes:

Yao, X. 2000. An Introduction to Confucianism. Cambridge University Press. https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/thought_and_writing/philosophy/intro%20confucianism.pdf

Lecture notes from 11/16: Rest of notes can be found in the file attached

  1. The Neo Confucian renovation was a fundamental change within the Confucian tradition.
  2. We can think of it as a traditional learning; learning about to cope with change and therefore its about innovation and adaptation.
  3. Causation which is the context in which the Neo Confucian began to emerge as a distinct element. Neo Confucianism emerges and responses to three major changes in the East Asian environment.
  4. Neo Confucianism emerges in the context of a new strategic threat.
  5. In East Asia, we see the creation of a special market which can be called the ideas’ market. Many different traditions along with confucian compete for a popular attention.
  6. Neo Confucianism have to deal with the challenges of the alternative systems. The most important one from their point is Buddhism.
  7. Buddhism fundamentally challenges their understanding of reality. Requires a response that goes beyond just saying we are correct and you are incorrect.
  8. The Neo Confucian response “what makes confucian new ( Neo)” has four components: rededication to service, reconstitution of power, regrounding of reality, and rationalization of philosophy.

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