explain equity theory in united airline company

Describe in detail how Equity theory applies at United airline

Develop a figure/diagram to show how equity theory applies at United Airline

Using the figures/diagrams, explain where the Equity theory predicts what happened in the scandal

Develop new policies and prescriptions for the company and/or explain measures that the company took to address the problem.

Show in your figures/diagrams, how this will prevent future incidents based on the Equity theory

Grade will include written portion, presentation.

3 slides and a 1-page single space written summary and reflective essay (1-page does not include diagrams)

The first slide will describe in words and illustrate with a diagram an OB concept (Equity Theory)

The second slide will use the diagram to describe how it relates to the company scandal.

In the presentation, the second slide will be explained in detail as to how the model predicted the actual outcomes

The third slide will use concepts from the selected model to develop prescriptions that would have prevented or minimized the adverse effects of the scandal.

For the written 1-pager (single space)

-2/3 will summarize the slide presentation

-1/3 will provide a personal reflection of why this concept was chosen and how it applies to your professional interests or work history

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