executive summary 120

For this assignment, refer to the client you have selected for your focus this term. Assume that this is your first week on the job and you will be asked in the coming days to offer some suggestions for how to direct the company’s communications. Review the organization’s current website and background information to become familiar with them.

Prepare a 1-2 page executive summary that shows your understanding of the organization and its key opportunities for using written PR materials to reach its goals.

Use these headers to guide your Executive Summary. You may “open” your Executive Summary with a paragraph that says something like this:

Given that (name of organization) will join in the activities related to XXXX, the following summary provides a review of the communication opportunities available.

  • Organization Overview
  • Organization Purpose/Mission
  • Organization Leadership
  • Opportunities — Informative, Persuasive, Strategic
  • Possible Goals for Communication (relative to the opportunities above)
  • Possible Strategies and Tactics (newsletters, social media, etc.)
  • Calendar (time frame)
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