evaluation project

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It is an evaluation project, with a greater in-depth analysis. For this project, you will evaluate social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) strategies for Los Angeles Lakers and make suggestions for improving those strategies. Write a total of 10–12 pages, double-spaced.

Task A: (1) Provide background information about the organization, (2) describe its current social media uses (including the list of platforms), and (3) briefly explain why you selected this organization.

Task B: List at least 3 criteria for analyzing the organization’s social media use and your rationale for choosing such criteria (in addition to class readings, use both academic and non-academic resources of your own choice [e.g., book chapters, magazine articles, and news reports])(8–10 references). Be sure to cite all sources you use. Show your effort to integrate or synthesize the resources at some level.

Task C: (1) Prepare interview questions for the social media specialists of the organization. List these questions in the Appendix. (2) Interview them. (Interview at least one person.)

Task D: Analyze the organization’s social media strategies using the criteria you identified in Task B and the information you obtained in Task C.

Task E: Discuss your findings and the implications. (including suggestions for the organization, its challenges, future options, policy recommendations, etc.)

Suggested Paper Structure



Complete the following tasks:

(1) Provide background information about the organization, (2) its current social media uses (including the list of platforms), (3) briefly explain why you selected this organization and describe your observation of its social media uses, which led you to ask your main research questions.


Three criteria (for analysis), which turn into three research questions

List at least 3 criteria for analyzing the organization’s social media use and your rationale for choosing such criteria (use both academic and non-academic resources of your own choice [e.g., book chapters, magazine articles, and news reports]). Examples of such criteria are: engagement, influence, education, community-building, information dissemination, information (advice or knowledge) seeking, relationship management, etc.

(At least) Three Research Questions

State your RQs, which are based on the abovementioned three criteria. For example, 1. How (or how successfully, etc.) does this organization ……? 2. What does this organization’s goals and how effectively………? 3. …)



You need to perform: content analysis (two kinds: manual coding, use of analytics tools) and interviews.

Method is a section in which you briefly describe

a) how you collected data. For example:

(1) content from the organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages between September 15 to November 15. You are required to examine at least one platform for a date range of at least two months; Additionally, for this project, you need to use (at least one social media analytics tool and include the results (as part of content analysis)

(2) interviews with at least one member of this organization.

b) how you analyzed them: (1) manual analysis of content by counting x, y, z; (2) a thematic analysis of transcribed interviews.


Findings and Analysis

Report your findings. Provide analysis. The interview results go to this Findings and Analysis section.



(1) Discuss the findings.


(2) Make suggestions for the organization and its future options: Talk about the challenges (barriers, limitations, etc.) and make recommendations (policy, related rules, etc.) for the organization.

(E) Appendices

Appendix A includes (1) the interview questions and (2) the summary of interview answers.

Both (1) and (2) are required. Even if unsuccessful, you still describe in detail what effort you made to interview the staff member within your selected organization. Send out your questions to a few other organizations that are in the same industry.

Appendix B, C, D (if necessary) will be the screenshots of results from running social media analytics tools or any other information you need to include to supplement your main work.

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