evaluate whether the united states has become an empire in the late 20th and early 21st centuries 1

**Before you begin, see the syllabus “Discussion Forum Guidelines” section for source & word requirements**

Read Ch. 28 of Give Me Liberty and the assigned documents from Sources of Freedom.

In your original post, evaluate whether the United States has become an empire in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

These forums serve as our virtual classroom. Each chapter will contain one discussion forum prompt. It is your job to write a SUBSTANTIVE original post to the question posed in 7 CHAPTERS. When writing an original post, carefully consider and address all parts of the question posed and analyze supporting evidence to explain how it answers the question. Your original post should include critical analysis of information from the Foner, Give Me Liberty! textbook, a specific document from Sources of Freedom Online Reader (each chapter has one – it is located below the chapter Power Points. Assigned documents for each chapter appear on the course schedule below), AND one of the videos posted in the chapter module (when videos are assigned). Citation of Power Point presentations is optional. All original posts should be at least 250 words (one typewritten page). You MUST include at least THREE CITATIONS: TWO from Give Me Liberty, ONE specific document from Sources of Freedom, Introduce all quotes that you use (see below). Failure to introduce quotes will result in loss of points

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