essay in history without borders

Hello , I hope everything goes well. I would like you to write an essay. Theses are the requirements

History Without Borders

Read each question and follow the instructions provided.Do not write on this sheet.Answer the question fully and do not forget to provide examples.

Your answer must be typed, double-spaced with standard (1” or 1.5”) margins. No large fonts please.A size 11 or 12 font will due nicely.Please avoid fancy fonts also.Number your pages.Write in good, correct English, don’t use slang or try to use “high fallutin” language.Proofread carefully.If yur papper is knot redable than I won’t be able ti understnat you.Do not rely on “spell checker” to proofread your work for you.If you use “two” instead of “to”, the spellchecker will not notice it, but I will.Grading will be based on both content and style.

1.Executioners in Early modern Germany were considered so dishonourable as to be contagious.However, they had another role that was considered quite honourable.What was this role?Why did they have an affinity for it?Did they try to expand this role in any way?Finally, why did German society accept them in this role?Be sure to illustrate your answers with examples.

Also, I will attach my friend’s note but do not rely on it you got know the answers from the internet butter cause I cannot read his handwriting.

Thanks , best wishes

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