english 102 week 2 discussions



Image result for diversity iceberg model

Initial Post:After you watching “The Danger of a Single Story” and reading “Many Cultures, One Psychology”, view the image of the Cultural Iceberg. For the discussion, reply to the following questions. For questions about your identities, please share only what you are comfortable with the instructor and your classmates knowing about you:

  • Summarize the definition of “single stories” and explain why they are dangerous (according to Adichie).
  • Consider your own Cultural Iceberg:
    • What are your visible identities? Somewhat visible? Invisible?
    • Which of your identities have a “single story” about them?
    • Describe a single story experience you’ve had (or witnessed). What was the lasting affect?
  • From Thalos’ essay “More than having options, freedom is being true to yourself”:
    • Thalos writes that if individuals don’t have options for true freedom “because of stereotypes or other forms of expectation, it doesn’t matter if [the options] technically exist”.
    • How does the above quote connect with your identities and ‘options’ for freedom? What if any stereotypes or other forms of expectation exist that limit your options?
  • From Geeraert’s article “Many Cultures, One Psychology?”:
    • What does Geeraert suggest about the ways in which culture shapes our mental processes?
    • Choose of the three mental processes from the article. Which of the examples provided most closely aligns with your identity or culture?


  • Response to questions should be organized into 2-3 paragraphs by topic.
  • Focus on source integration (quoting, paraphrasing, defining)
  • For each example, include an MLA style in text citation.
  • Include an MLA style list of Works Cited at the end of your post


Discussion Post Quote Analysis chart.docx

Initial Post: Complete the chart below using information from the five assigned texts and videos. Then summarize your ideas in one of two ways and include all required components listed below:

  1. Define the following terms:
    1. Single stories and stereotypes
    2. Stereotype threat
    3. Unconscious bias
  2. Elaborate on the ideas in your chart in one of two ways:
  • Compose 2-3 paragraphs that summarize the definitions (above) and the contents of the chart

Post the following to the discussion board:

  • Completed chart with quotations, citations, and elaborations.
  • A Works Cited entry for the five sources
  • Paragraphs OR video elaborations on the chart contents (Videos should be a direct link; do not upload a video as an attachment

(Hint: This information can be used in your essay!)

Select a quote from the text/video that feels important to you. Paraphrase the author’s ideas and include in-text citation.

Explain why the quote is important and how it connects to your experiences.

Explain how the ideas are connected.

The Danger of a Single Story (Adichie)

More than having options, freedom is being true to yourself (Thalos)

Many Cultures, One Psychology? (Geeraert)

Stereotype Threat: A Conversation with Claude Steele (Steele)

Where Bias Begins: The Truth about Stereotypes (Paul)


  • Definitions of key terms are included in the post.
  • Completed chart is included in the post.
  • Response to questions should be organized into 2-3 paragraphs by topic OR video should be organized into a discussion of 2-3 key points
  • Include at least one quotation or paraphrased idea from each of the five texts and videos.
  • Each quotation/paraphrase should include MLA style in text citation with the author’s last name and page number in parentheses (Last name #).
  • Include an MLA style Works Cited list with the fives assigned texts and videos included at the end of the post.
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