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To understand the fundamentals of electrochemistry and working of analytical instruments and its application in engineering problems,

Learning Outcomos

– Describe the basics of electrochemistry, ionic equilibria.

– Examine the nomenclature of hydrocarbons, isomerism, catalysis in industrial application. (AM1)


The following 2 tasks. Labelled diagrams should be drawn on any drawing software or hand drawn (and copy paste in report).

Task 1: (900 words)

Catalysts speed up the reaction by providing alternate path of lower activation energy. A heterogeneous catalyst is in a different phase to the reactants and products, and is often favored in industry, being easily separated from the products. Discuss working of two industrial heterogeneous catalysts with suitable mechanism in two separate processes. Answer should include related chemical reactions, necessary precautions, diagram and a discussion on how the catalyst suitable the chosen process.

Task 2: (700 words)

The Chlor-Alkali industry produces chlorine and sodium hydroxide through the electrolysis of the NaCl solution. But one of the problems is that the chlorine combines with the sodium hydroxide to form chlorate and chloride ions. This leads to the production of sodium chlorate, NaCIO, a component of household bleach. Construct a suitable design and provide technical discussion to overcome this technical issue.

Answer should include a properly labelled diagrams, necessary chemical reactions, advantages and shortcomings of the proposed design.

*** Word count: 1600 words.

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