ed535 learner interest


Review the student interest surveys in the required studies and complete at least one for yourself. Write 2-3 paragraphs that address the following:

  • Describe your experience completing the interest survey.
  • Discuss how you might use this sort of approach to enhance the learning experience for your students, colleagues, or your own children.
  • Consider how you do or do not find this theory to be supported by what is understood about brain-based learning and cognitive science. Include your thoughts on the efficacy of this work for classroom-based learning.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Click here for information on course rubrics.

Learning Influences: What Does This Mean for Teaching?

Over the last few weeks, you have considered the cognitive, social, and moral development of children as well as the broad scope of research that informs how learning is understood. With opportunities to apply learning theory to different aspects of your professional practice, you will now consider the impact of learning theory on teaching practices.

Learning and teaching should be intimately connected. This week you will focus on finding connections between theories of effective learning practices and the way they are realized in pedagogy and instruction in the schools. Are there consistencies? How does the current climate affect the capacity of schools to meet learners’ needs and invest in learning strategies that are proven effective from the research on learning?

To begin, you will look at the role of student interests and its relevance to instruction. By exploring your own interests and common approaches for determining students’ interests, you can consider how examining student interests does or does not support learning in the classroom. Considering and incorporating student interest is supported as best practice for student engagement, but is an approach that struggles to find its place in the classroom.

You will then explore the current educational issue of your choice and consider whether what you have learned about how individuals learn and develop is reflected in that area. You will have the opportunity to review materials, research, and pedagogical approaches that are of personal and professional interest to you.

Weekly Objectives

Through participation in the following activities, the candidate will:

  • Apply the concepts of cognitive processes (e.g. memorization, problem solving, etc.) to teaching and learning. (8j)
    • Pedagogical Innovation
  • Explain how students bring assets for learning to the classroom that varies by individual student. (1e, 2j, 3n)
    • Learner Interests
  • Research and describe how a particular innovation in pedagogy and curriculum aligns with the theories of learning and development explored in the course. (1d, 8j)
    • Pedagogical Innovation

Required Studies

The following materials are required studies for this week. Complete these studies at the beginning of the week, and save these materials for future use. Full references for these materials are listed in the Required Course Materials section of the syllabus.


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