due sunday 8 11 19 at 11pm psy 425 psychology paper on how coping applies to me in mental health

A project will be carried out throughout the course in which each individual will identify and analyze mental health resources in order to create a personalized approach to enhanced mental health that will be reported in the written assignment final paper.

This assignment will address the second step in preparing for the final paper, considering coping strategies.

This topic is covered in this week’s Reading, Chapter 4, Coping Processes, pp. 95-119, in the Chapter 4 PowerPoint, and the Self Reflection: Analyzing Coping Strategies.

Write a 1 to 3 page paper (500-700 words) concerning coping as it applies to you. To do so describe 1) any common coping strategies which are not effective that you use and why they are not effective; and 2) which constructive coping approaches you use or think would be beneficial to use and why.

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