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Discussion QUESTION: How would one define business intelligence (BI)? Identify and briefly discuss a real-world application of BI?

The business intelligence is one of the tools. It is also working as technologies and applications. This is a way of practice which performed for the collection of the data, which is integrated and analyzed. The core data which can create insightful business information. The data mining is one of the activities as a part of business intelligence. The business intelligence is the discipline and as a technology-driven process. There is an analytical processing which available online. The Querying and reporting are also a part of Business Intelligence. The business intelligence tools very useful and now a part of the corporate business for the data-driven Decision Support System.

The business intelligence is very useful which can define the books, reports and the information systems. The business intelligence does provide the details about the history, the current scenario and also can predict future events. The software elements which are very supportive while reporting. The real world scenarios which are supportive to report, interactive table analysis, visualization and data mining as discussed earlier.

The Sisense is an example of the business intelligence platform. The usage for this platform is to analyze the information. Then they require to make better intelligent business decisions. The platform does occupy one of the highest spots for the availability of business intelligence app. The expert who has a deeper knowledge of technologies, the software review expert made a conclusion that the business intelligence solution provides you the easiest way which can create the business value out from complex data.

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