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  • I chose the Hypothalamus of the brain. I actually have always found this part of the brain to be very interesting. Hypothalamus is located at the base of the brain, and beneath the thalamus. It may be tiny, but it is a very important part of the brain. This part of the brain controls the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and organizes behaviors that are related to survival of the species. These behaviors are referred to as the four F’s: fighting,fleeing,feeding, and mating. The hypothalamus is filled with cells and within these cells you have hormones. It is when these hormones are secreted out that you get a reaction in behavior. Some of these behaviors include sexual arousal which is produced by the hormone gonadotropin. Even though these behaviors and functions are needed for our body, sometimes they turn into bad behaviors. Hypothalamus can cause you to have disorders when it comes to behavior, like anxiety, mood swings, irritable feelings, bulimia or anorexia. This happens when hormones are lacking or not producing at all..
  • Hello Class,

When looking at brain and behavior one may say that they go hand and hand. After reading I turned into the communication system of the brain that puts out what we may call “responses” also knowns was behaviors. After ready “The Psychology of Brains and Behaviors” by Kendra Cherry I had an understanding Neurons make up on a small percentage of the humans bodies communication system. There are two parts of the nervous system. The first part is the central nervous system. The central nervous system controls most functions of the body and mind. The system consist of two main parts which is the spine and the brains. The brain is thought centered and is aware fo the external environment. The second part of the nervous system is the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is the nervous system outside of the brain and the spinal cord. The main role of the PNS is to connect the CNS the limbs, organs and skin. There two system pertain to behavior due to the fact that both systems controls the humans reactions to their environment which they gather data to give off a reaction. Nerons can serve as both communicators and sensors for the human body.

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