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1. Given the almost unfettered control and power of large internet companies (such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft) in our daily lives, what measures should governments around the world implement to ensure that ordinary individuals are not exploited by these companies?


Data is everything in this modern society and the impact is very huge as it is one of the major sources of income for most businesses. Many top companies are running businesses and generating a revenue by using the data as it drives the businesses. As we understand the value of it, data of any individual must be safeguarded from being exploited by any entity. There are many ways that our personal data is being exploited by the large size entities as many others.

Data provisioning is a form of exploitation. It is because organization use data to generate value without giving the people with reasonable compensation. It is the oddly sympathetic truth of the supervised and vigilance society we posses that there are unknown companies out there that are collecting our data for mysterious intentions. However, organizations and governments also investigate the data streams that belongs to us by using more creative ways and track us wherever we go and whatever we do. There are several innovative ways invented and they are growing in the market to collect data streams of our lives and these methods are potentially increasing.

These kinds of data exploitation methods are connected by the common obligation say a data imperative which runs many business entities and governments. This imperative appeals for the abstraction of all data, from various sources in every way that is possible. We are all trapped into the big monstrous web by posing a great threat to individual identity by losing our information to big corporate entities. However, the only way out of this is that for us to face the reality of being monitored of our every moment in this life. We need to rethink setup our accounts on any free service providers as they are the main suspects.



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