discussion 6 corporate law

This is for California

login: for Lexis Nexis Advance: theresa.nicolas@smail.rasmussen.edu

password: Golden8190!

For this assignment, you will need to conduct legal research online and in the LEXIS/NEXIS database of the Rasmussen College Library.

The lawyer for whom you work has a client, Mary Doolittle, who owns a flower shop called “Pushing Up Daisies.” Up to this point, Mary has operated the business as a sole proprietorship. The business has grown, however, and she is concerned about her personal assets. Your supervising attorney has asked you to research and compare options for the Mary and Pushing Up Daisies.

Research the applicable statutes and cases for the state in which you reside. Make a recommendation as to whether Mary should incorporate the business or form an LLC. Explain the rationale for your recommendation. Cite legal authority to support your position. Explain the steps necessary to carry out your recommendation.

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