discussion 5 6 1

Week 5-6 Discussion-Field trips, working towards solutions and positive design

Conference choice 1: Virtual Field Trip:

Class field trip, anyone? Come along and join in the virtual field trip to the Museum of Disability!

Take a field trip! Learn about disability history, advocacy, education and more.

After the trip, share any two sections that you feel were most helpful to you in the understanding of disability, with a brief description, and why you chose these two. One section is totally up to you, your choice. For the second one, try to focus on the sections on advocacy or education, keeping in mind the spirit of the week, seeking solutions.


Conference choice 2: Working Towards Solutions:

You are the Director of advocacy for your local school district. Take a look at the link below, and share some ideas on what suggestions you would make for educators of children in your district who have learning disabilities.


Conference choice 3: Positive solution strategies

From the week 5 readings, choose one of the following, and share some of the findings in terms of positive solutions to make the school/workplace/community a better place for persons with disabilities. The three readings focus on different populations and situations, but each has its own unique solution set. Choose any ONE for your write up.

Asperger’s syndrome: the hidden disability


Maximizing productivity: Accommodations for psychiatric disability


Disability culture in social work


Conference choice 4: Movers and shakers: unique solutions for the modern world

Choose any ONE of the TED talks below, and share what you learned from the talk with your classmates. Include the presenter, key points and solutions that they provided to make the world more accessible to persons with disabilities. Transcripts are available, as usual, for TED talks in case anyone needs it as well.

Deaf in the Military by Keith Nolan


Deep sea diving in a wheelchair by Sue Austin


Design for disability, a benefit for all by Elise Roy


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