discussion 2355

34: History of mental illness

Look back in time – what was mental illness?

This is a quote from the Board from chapter 2 – After taking most of this class – can you see why?

“Psychology in the Middle East has always been a taboo word. Mental health has never been spoken about or taken cared of. There is a psychologist named Linda Sakr, who was born in Dubai and achieved her psychology degree at Richmond College in London. After going back to her homeland, she now works as a therapist. Mental health is now becoming more and more accepted every day.”

Use this video (Links to an external site.) – and this video (Links to an external site.)(which we have watched before)and this one (Links to an external site.)Mental Illness

What was it 20 years ago?

What is it now?

Why are people blamed for their own Mental illness? (Links to an external site.)

How many of you have experience with mental illness?

Please as question !!

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