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I DONT HAVE THE BOOK, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT (Business Driven Technology (Baltzan)

1.Using what you’ve learned about the evolution of the Internet and Web Applications, read the article, “E-health and Web 2.0: The doctor will see tweet you now” and answer the following the questions:

  • Do you agree or disagree that telehealth is cold and impersonal?
  • What are the advantages of telehealth?
  • What are the disadvantages of telehealth?
  • What other industries could benefit from this type of technology?

Answer each question through a succinct, clear 2 page essay. Do not answer each question separately.

2. Using what you have learned about e-business models and the tools for connecting and communicating, list six companies and describe what their revenue model is and what their e-business model is. Creating a list is sufficient for this activity.

An example would be:

  • Company: Pinterest
  • Revenue Model: Advertising Fees
  • E-Business Model: C2C

Once you’ve created this list, identify the challenges that each of these businesses face as it relates to identifying market segments, managing consumer trust, ensuring consumer protection and adhering to any government regulations. Two to three sentences for each company is sufficient.

3. Using what you have learned about wireless technology, read the Chapter 16 Case Business Driven Technology (Baltzan) : Wireless Electricity on pages 242-244 and answer the following:

  • Explain the fundamentals of wireless power transfer technology.
  • Describe the business benefits of using wireless electricity
  • Identify two types of business opportunities companies could use to gain a competitive advantage using wireless electricity.
  • What are some creative uses of wireless electricity not mentioned in the case?

Answer each question through a succinct, clear 2 page essay. Do not answer each question separately. Ensure that you utilize APA 6th Edition formatting, including the citation of any resources used.

4. Using what you have learned about the business applications of wireless networks and the benefits of the mobility that it allows, develop a completely mobile and wireless class for the future. Take into consideration the following:

  • How would lectures be given?
  • How would questions be asked and answered?
  • How would assignments be given and collected?
  • How would group projects be performed?
  • How would exams be administered?
  • Would this type of class be better or worse than a traditional class?

TIP: Think broader than what a traditional online course is now. Refer to the below website for additional insight into the mobile/wireless class.

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