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During the final unit of the course, you will work with your group in applying course concepts into practice. You will design (and implement) a short curriculum (i.e., a series of lesson plans) based on readings and examples we have explored in the course.

For your project you will upload:

1. A written response that addresses questions 1-7 below. This first part of your assignment should be completed before moving onto (2). This part of the assignment is intended to inform the development of your curriculum.

2. Lesson plans (i.e., details of each lesson plan in your curriculum) and supporting artifacts (ex., slides, videos, any other curriculum materials, etc.) that present your plan clearly. These artifacts should not repeat information in your written response but should be a presentation of the actual plan in the way that it would be implemented in the classroom.

NOTE: Although we do not require that you implement these lesson plans, we do encourage those of you with access to children in a school setting or organization to consider implementing your plan.

Please consider the following questions in working on your curriculum (please note this is not an exhaustive list and there may be other elements you will consider). Your final response should not be a distinct set of 7 responses but should read like an essay that articulates how K-12 education can be globalized in order to promote social justice through the curriculum you design:

1. Who are the target beneficiaries of your curriculum? (age group, geography, demographics, etc.)

HINT: It would help to narrow down the age/grade for the lesson plan; it would also help to make explicit any information about students’/communities’ prior knowledge and/or experiences.

2. How will this curriculum (i.e., series of lesson plans) be carried out and by whom? (duration, time frame, etc.)

3. What resources are needed to carry out your curriculum? How will they be made available?

4. What are the goals and objectives of this curriculum? What skills and knowledge will students develop through this curriculum and the lesson plans? And most importantly, what theories from the course inform this plan (e.g., cosmopolitanism, capabilities approach, particular perspective on globalization and its impact on education)? Why are they important in considering? Articulate these in a theory of action using the attached template (you may modify this template as needed).

HINT: You should draw on key readings from the course to articulate a framework for the role/goals of education and pedagogical implications based on this framework. Discuss how this framework informs your curriculum aims to achieve the role/goals of education.

5. In implementing this curriculum, what are the strengths of the curriculum and what areas were challenging? (if you did not implement this plan, describe what you anticipate will be strengths and what might be challenges)

6. How will you measure the efficacy or success of this curriculum? How will you use this information to make changes to future iterations?

7. How did you incorporate the feedback from your peers and instructors to develop this plan over the course of 3 weeks?

8. Each group member must turn in an individual reflection (at least 200 words) on the process of going through this activity. (You might consider: What you learned from the exercise of trying to make a curriculum, whether or not you found this to be a useful exercise in terms of your own learning/future goals, what you might change in the future about the assignment/your curriculum, etc.). Please add each group member’s reflection to your final write-up and do not submit separate documents. This portion of the assignment does not count towards the final page limit.

We expect that your final written portion will be approximately 8 pages in length (not including visuals, individual reflections, or other supporting material).

Your final product will be evaluated on the following criteria:

NOTE: “Application” refers to your “curriculum”.


Poor (F or D)

Fair (C)

Good (B)

Excellent (A)

Clarity of ideas (4)

Application is difficult to understand

Application is sometimes difficult to follow;

Application is readable; text/idea is easy to follow and goals/objectives are clear.

Application is easy to follow and understand; text guides audience and serves as an aid.

Content (6)

Misunderstands key concepts. Significant errors in content, interpretation of the material. Application not relevant to course material. Does not incorporate feedback from peers/instructors in successive iterations.

Understands key concepts but is unable to draw inferences to implement application. Information presented has some errors. Does not incorporate feedback from peers/instructors in successive iterations.

Understands key concepts and draws valid inferences/applications. Articulately reflects ideas, opinion, and alternate approaches. Incorporates some feedback from peers/instructors in successive iterations.

Demonstrates the depth and breadth of the subject matter fully and all related concepts. Quality of work suggests reflection, thought, and critical thinking, and draws upon key course resources to support the development of the application. Incorporates feedback from peers/instructors in successive iterations.

Use of resources to support ideas/citations and references (4)

No use of course concepts to inform the application.

Uses 1-2 resources from course to complete the assignment. Limited use of sources in reflection/application.

Selects 2 or more references with limited integration of references into development of application. Uses standard citation format.

Using a standard citation format, cites 3 or more appropriate sources to effectively integrate and assimilate material. Reference to course concepts makes argument stronger and purposeful.

Clearly articulates goals and objectives (3)

No clear goals and objectives. Does not account for variables such as age, demographics, etc.

Some implicit goals and objectives. Takes into account some variables and key demographics of targeted beneficiaries.

States goals and objectives but does not fully explain what these are and how they will be carried out. Articulates contextual variables accounted for.

Explicitly stated and well-articulated goals and objectives. Takes into account context and other variables. Goals and objectives are clearly aligned with these and appropriate for targeted beneficiaries

Organization (3)

No clear flow. Connections between ideas are sparse or non-existent.

Ideas show some connection though seem arbitrary and do not follow a logical organization.

Most ideas flow clearly and coherently, though there may be some incoherency in organization.

Logical progression and connection between ideas; ideas build on each other and are grouped in a way that makes them coherent and easy to follow. Clear introduction, body, and conclusion. places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality work that meets and exceeds academic standards. The company is committed to upholding excellence in every aspect of their service. The writers at NursesHomeworkHelp conduct thorough research, ensuring that assignments are well-informed and grounded in evidence-based practice. Moreover, they adhere to academic conventions, including proper referencing and citation, to ensure the integrity and credibility of the work. By consistently maintaining high-quality standards, NursesHomeworkHelp enables nursing students to excel academically and develop the necessary skills for their future careers.

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