create a gender equity plan

The Signature Assignment for this course will consist of the following three components:

Part 1 – History and Future of Title IX

Address the following historical and future Title IX components in this section of your assignment:

  1. Your initial thoughts and opinions of Title IX at the commencement of this course.
  2. An introductory history leading to the introduction of the Title IX law.
  3. The underlying philosophy behind the Title IX law.
  4. Implementation issues since Title IX was enacted.
  5. When did Title IX become focused on athletics and what has transpired due to this law?
  6. Pertinent Title IX court cases responsible for changing history.

Part 2 – Personal Philosophy on Title IX

Address the following personal philosophical components concerning Title IX in this section of your assignment:

  1. Discuss your personal philosophy regarding the effectiveness of Title IX resulting in gender equity within organized sports.
  2. Discuss how Title IX could be revised to further improve gender equity within organized sports.

Part 3 – Gender Equity Plan

Address the following components to develop a gender equity plan within an institution of your choice:

  1. Identify an educational level of your school (grade school, high school, college). – (College Level)
  2. Use a hypothetical school or a current school. Access the Office of Postsecondary Education websiteto find information on your institution of choice. ( – University of South Carolina)
  3. Provide a brief analysis of the current state of gender equity in sports within your institution of choice.
  4. Develop a plan to comply with Title IX.

Length: Total of 12-15 pages (not including title and reference pages).

References: Minimum of eight scholarly resources.

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