cr exercise building your ra on the disaster artist more than 300 less than 500

his CR Exercise is meant to help you begin to build your RA Essay. If you find this work useful, you can feel free to gather the ideas and writing you perform here and use them in your RA Essay.

For this exercise, write a 300-500 word response to one of the prompts here: RA Prompts: The Disaster Artist. You should follow the pattern of CLAIM-EVIDENCE-ANALYSIS, and be looking at WHAT is in the book, HOW that thing is constructed, and WHY that construction matters. Make sure your claims are clear and that you can support them with evidence. Make sure you provide specific examples of what you choose to discuss (including pointing to specific sections of the book). Finally, make sure that your analysis is careful and patient—we can’t read your mind, so you have to help us understand all of the connections you draw. Your claims should be arguable—not simple, obvious facts, and not outlandish connections that you can’t support!

Add to the conversation by examining something you think no one has noticed before! Indicate which prompt you’ve chosen before you write your response.

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