cost benefit or cost effectiveness study in the military

ResearchPapers: Includesanannotatedbibliographyandpresentation.AllpapersaretofollowAPAformatandthe student must keep a copy for their records. Written and constructed to graduate level use of language (includes grammar), demonstrating a research typology approach to one of the broad topics of the course. These papers should demonstrate recognition and formulation of a problem dealing with research methods in administration, exhibit collection of data obtained through observation, experimentation, or research. Papers are an applied activity that requires students to apply what they have learned in class to real-world research activities. A bibliography should be provided and contain non-internet citations. Papers will range in length from 3 to 10 pages, although lengths will vary depending on topics. A total of at least 10 sources should be included.

Specific Criteria are as follows:

Paper 1) Definition of the Issue/Problem

Sets out problem and purpose of the research
Includes Introduction, Problem Statement, Purpose of the Study, Research Objectives/Questions, Scope/Limitations/Delimitations

Papers 2 and 3) Annotated Bibliography/Literature Review

Utilizes and synthesizes current, relevant, and credible sources sufficient in number to create the context for the problem and to demonstrate understanding of the problem/issue
NOTE:The Annotated Bibliography will be explained in detail in Blackboard.

Paper 4) Methodology

Distinguishes typology being used and clearly identifies what data are needed to answer the research questions. Explains in detail methods that will be used to collect and analyze the data
Includes all methodological details appropriate to the typology (e.g., for surveys, describes population, sample, randomization)











Overall Requirements for Papers:

References – 10 total to be used across all three papers

Data collection instruments, consent forms, and permission letter understanding if applicable will be in appendices Writing/Formatting:Reflects APA style, references cited in text and listed in references according to APA Style Demonstrates control of syntax, grammar, coherence, paragraphs are focused and connected with transitions Plagiarism rules apply to the paper.

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