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Imagine a researcher is interested in examining the relationship of self-esteem (ScoreOne) and productivity (ProdOne). The researcher is also interested in the ability to predict the productivity of teachers using years of teaching (Experience) as the predicting variable. Use the “teachersurvey.sav” data set to conduct the analysis involving ScoreOne, ProdOne, and Experience. Use these data to answer the questions below (these data have already been entered into the “teachersurvey.sav” SPSS file).

NOTE: Not all of the variables in the “teachersurvey.sav” file will be used for this assignment.

In this SPSS assignment, you will expand your understanding of inferential statistics involving correlation and regression. Complete the following:

1. Produce an SPSS analysis for a correlation between participants’ self-esteem and productivity.

a. Provide the null and alternative hypotheses.

b. Determine if a Pearson correlation or Spearman correlation will be used, and explain why. Explain the condition when it is appropriate to use the other test.

c. What is the effect size? Explain whether it is small, medium, or large.

d. Report the results in APA format.

e. What conclusions can be made?

2. Produce an SPSS analysis using regression to examine the impact of participants’ years of experience on their productivity.

a. Provide the null and alternative hypotheses.

b. What is the effect size? Explain whether it is small, medium, or large.

c. Report the results in APA format.

d. What can be concluded from these results? Be sure to consider possible study limitations and provide recommendations for future research.

e. Given only two variables were examined, how does testing the significance of the regression equation relate to testing the significance of the Pearson correlation?

3. Based on your personal experiences and interests, briefly discuss two variables to be used in a correlational analysis and two variables to be used in a regression analysis. places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality work that meets and exceeds academic standards. The company is committed to upholding excellence in every aspect of their service. The writers at NursesHomeworkHelp conduct thorough research, ensuring that assignments are well-informed and grounded in evidence-based practice. Moreover, they adhere to academic conventions, including proper referencing and citation, to ensure the integrity and credibility of the work. By consistently maintaining high-quality standards, NursesHomeworkHelp enables nursing students to excel academically and develop the necessary skills for their future careers.

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