conclude and revise the literature review part 1

It’s very well written and easy to follow and you clearly have read a wide range of material (although the short article on Apple doesn’t really fit with the others as regards the rigour of the content – it’s more journalistic than academic). So I haven’t really commented too much on the style of writing etc.

I think that the main issue with the draft, as it stands, is that it is more like an annotated bibliography? Your focus is on training and development. Why? The case company is TenCent – this is largely a tech-focused company – how many of the research cases in your draft literature review cover comparable (tech/internet-type) companies? In other words, is there a rationale as to why you have picked these particular research articles that have focused on determining the purpose etc. of T&D? Good job on making sure that they are mostly recent articles too.

The other issue is that the content is largely descriptive – one article follows another. You would need to be more critical in how you present this work. Are there common emphases in the articles? Do the respective authors stress different key factors as being important in the success of T&D? Do they agree or disagree as to the function of T&D? How do they agree/disagree? Overall, the aim is to show how the authors differ and how are they similar. You would need to assess the material, and demonstrate these similarities/dissimilarities.

So, an improved structure would be one where you include a brief introduction to the chapter, stating what the chapter will contain, a short re-statement of the research aims of your work, and also an outline of where, in the bigger HRD picture, your work will fit. Then you would need to look again at your revised research questions and treat them like sets of keywords (i.e. that contain terms like: training and development, it’s role, aims, how it is actioned etc. – you will know what to include and what not), and then make sure the literature review addresses each of these aspects (with respect to T&D) and in a critical fashion.

Above is the comment from my professor for the work you have done last time, can you please follow the comment and revise it, then conclude the chapter by stating what the key factors you have identified from your critical review that you will be using in later chapters in your dissertation to help you gather and analyse your data.

around 1000 words more which is 3500 words in total exclude reference.

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