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Deliverable Length: 800–1,000 words

Your supervisor wants to find out more information about how to effectively communicate to the multicultural employees in your company. To prepare for the presentation, you decide to study Hofstede’s Power–Distance Index to examine some of the cultural differences in communication. Also, read the article: Beyond Hofstede: Cultural Applications for Communicating with Latin American Businesses.

  • Choose 2 countries and compare their dimensions of time and orientation, context, uncertainty avoidance, power, masculinity, and individualism or collectivism.
  • Compose the list. Show at least 1 cultural trait. Compare and contrast.
  • Explain how these dimensions will affect your communication plan and target audiences.

In addition, research 2 advertisements for the same brand, product, or service—in print, virtual, or online form—from your selected countries. Analyze the following with a minimum 200-word synopsis detailing the following:

  • Message differences in the copy
  • Visual communication differences relating to type font, photos, color, etc.
  • Symbolic or cultural differences

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