complete safety handbook for health and safety class 1


Safety Booklet Assignment

Instructions: Develop a booklet (using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher) that could be used in your current workplace or your future workplace. Choose one of the following topics and develop your booklet. Include tips and techniques for ensuring safety in the workplace for each topic.



Blood Borne Pathogens (Biological Hazards)

Slips, Trips, and Falls (Physical Hazards)

Violence in the Workplace

Confined Space Entry

Electrical Safety

Hazardous Chemicals

General Hazards

Other Topics:Please let me know if you have another topic you would rather address.


1. Decide which Booklet you will be creating.

2. Do research on the web to find the content you want in your booklet.

3. Make sure to keep track of where you found your information so you can note where you found it. (Use the url)

4. Make sure that you adapt your booklet to your workplace.

5. Using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher, develop your booklet.

6. You will want to make your product colorful. Use pictures and various fonts.

This assignment will be graded using the following criteria:



Not Completed

The booklet has exceptionally attractive formatting and well-organized information.

The booklet has all of the necessary information to make this topic clear.

All of the writing is done in complete sentences. Capitalization and punctuation are correct throughout the booklet.

The graphics go well with the text and there is a good mix of text and graphics.

There are citations of sources accurately listed on the booklet.

Grading Scale:

A = All items Completed

B= One item Not Completed

C= Two items Not Completed

More than 3 Not completed checks = Please redo and resubmit assignment.

When you finish upload your booklet to the Assignment Drop box.

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