comparative corporate governance consultancy report for tesco

Consultancy Report


You have been hired by senior management to discuss the governance processes and structure of a firm or organisation (Tesco) that has recently experienced a scandal that had reputational damage. The management would like you to provide a critical assessment of their organisation in the context of established corporate governance principles and present recommendations for immediate implementation. These should be short-term tactical and long-term organisational/structural changes.

Although the consultancy report format is left to you, you are advised that the following should be covered, if appropriate.

1. The appropriate corporate governance code on which you’re basing your recommendations and how the organisation performs in relation to the code;

2. The existing governance structure of the organisation;

3. A critical review of the scandal and any other issues the company has faced in the past five years;

4. Recommendations on improvements that should be implemented within the next 12-24 months;

*** Words count = 3400 words (not including tables or figures)

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** An attachment has been uploaded named “tesco_ar_2019”.

*** Recent Scandals in Tesco:

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