communications between berlin and saint petersburg on the eve of world war ii

Review the telegrams under “Opposing Viewpoints” titled “Communications Between Berlin and Saint Petersburg on the Eve of World War II.” Based on these documents, what was the chief issue that led to the outbreak of war? Was Emperor William II correct when he told Tsar Nicholas II that the latter would “have to bear the responsibility for war or peace”? What do these telegrams suggest about why wars happen?

Follow these guidelines:

  • Write an essay of 500 words (or more) responding to the prompt
  • Use complete and accurate sentences, avoid showing bias or using “I/me” statements, and avoid text-message writing
  • Your paragraphs need to be at least four to six sentences long
  • Include at least one APA-style citation (Author, year, p. #) with each paragraph, placing it immediately after a sentence with evidence
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