comm 200 week 2 discussion


In this discussion forum, you will address the idea of biased language and how it impacts attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions, especially in online interactions. Attitudes refer to liking or disliking something, behaviors describe actions people do (speaking, moving, etc.), and perception relates to how humans think or process information or stimuli.

For your initial post, you must do the following:

  • Use and cite Bevan (Section 4.1) to define and explain biased language.
  • Share an example of biased language you have seen in some computer-mediated interaction.
  • Answer the following three questions:
    • How does biased language reflect the attitudes, behaviors, and perception of the sender?
    • How might biased language impact the attitudes, behaviors, and perception of the receiver of the content, and/or the sender, or both?
    • What is the significance of biased language in computer-mediated contexts specifically?

For this discussion forum, your initial post should be 300 to 350 words in length.

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