college level writing

This will be a partial draft, and should be 1500 words, or about 4 pages (double spaced). You should have a full introduction and a few body paragraphs. You do not need to have a conclusion at this point, although you are welcome to include bullet points or notes if you think they will be helpful for your peer reviewers or for me when we give you feedback.

My topic is Nutrition and Physical Activity in Relation to Obesity Prevention, and the prompt is uploaded. And also please use the annotated bibliography that I uploaded in the bottom.

Here’s a reflection that you could use which is wrote by reading a part of the book. Doctor of the death chamber is an educative and informative chapter as it highlights the core duties of the various cadres of health practitioners. At a time when patients are more aware of their rights and lawyers finding a niche in medical malpractices suits, this reading is laudable. I do not share the view that medicine should be used in facilitating execution by lethal injection, regardless of the cadre-nurse, doctors, and anesthesiologist. The general purpose of health practitioners is to preserve life as such theirs has to do with prolonging the life of the prisoners and any other person that might need medical services. This chapter has enlightened me on how important every life is including that of those who have been condemned even by the law to death. It has changed my view on the role of doctors in facilitating execution, including monitoring the vitals of the prisoner, confirming the death of the prisoner and even issuing technical advice regarding the same. Previously I did not appreciate that confirming the death of the prisoner was a major part of the execution process but following this reading, I now know better.

The last quote from Dr. B in which he says the depressing thing is that when the prisoners are not gotten to when they are young before they join the life of crime, he tends to say that in order to bypass execution as a form of delivering justice in the current legal system, he prefers that children be taught to be law-abiding beginning from their home settings. That way they will grow up able to differentiate the good from bad and in turn reduce the incidences of crime that lead to capital punishment and totally eliminating the debate on execution by lethal injection and the role of medical practitioners on facilitating the same.

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