college level writing short response

A short response around 300-400 words.

To understand the kind of argument you will be making in your CP, it’s helpful to understand something called “stasis theory.” Spend a few minutes exploring the following pages about it:

You don’t have to read them all thoroughly, but you should understand them well enough to describe in your own words what the four levels of questions are and why it’s important to answer them in order.

When you’re done, write a response of around 300 words that responds to ALL of the following prompts.

  1. In your own words, what is stasis theory? Why is it important that we answer the questions on one level of argument before moving to a discussion about the next level?
  2. The sources I linked to above talk about stasis theory in terms of questions writers should ask themselves. But if you flip it around, it’s also about claims: when making an argument, we have to make sure we all agree about one level before moving on to the next one. What level of claim(s) does Gawande make in his chapter for today? Why is it important that he addresses those on the lower levels before moving on to the higher ones?
  3. From what you understand of the relationship between the CP and the AP, which kind(s) of claim(s) should each project be making? Can you use the language of stasis theory to describe the difference between the two assignments?
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