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Writing: Revising Your Paper

100 points

You now understand that revision is much more than editing. In this assignment, you will be expected to proofread AND revise your diagnostic writing assignment.

You should demonstrate substantive changes in your writing. Use the revision and editing checklists as a guide for this important part of the writing process.

Revision Checklist

Revision Checklist–STYLE

Have I maintained consistency in voice?

Have I maintained consistency in verb tense?

Have I maintained unity (stayed on topic) in the text as a whole?

Have I maintained unity in each paragraph?

Does each paragraph have a topic sentence?

Is my thesis well-worded and complete?

Does my diction (word choices) convey the desired tone?

Is my diction appropriate to the audience and subject?

Have I avoided clichés?

Is my syntax (order of words) correct in each sentence?

Is my organization (placement of information) logical?

Have I presented my evidence completely?

Have I avoided repetition of words, phrases, and ideas?

Can I make any sentences more concise (avoiding wordiness)?

Can I combine any choppy sentences to improve the flow?

Have I used transitions to move from idea to idea and paragraph to paragraph?

Do each of my sentences read individually make sense?

Does my evidence make sense?

Do my arguments avoid logical fallacies?

Is there any information that needs to be added?

Is there any text that needs to be removed?

Is there any text the needs to be moved?

Is there any text that needs to be changed?

Editing Checklist

Editing Checklist—MECHANICS

Is my spelling correct?

Is my capitalization correct?

Is my punctuation correct? (periods, question marks, exclamation points, commas, semi-colons, colons, hyphens, slashes, parenthesis, brackets, italics, underlining, quotation marks)

Are my sentence boundaries correct?

Have I avoided sentence fragments (SF)?

Have I avoided run on sentences (RO)?

Have I avoided comma splices (CS)?

Have I followed the other rules of grammar?

Do I have subject-verb agreement in every sentence?

Do I have noun-pronoun agreement in every sentence?

Are my lists parallel?

Are my subject-object assignments parallel?

Have I followed the rules of usage?

Are my verb endings and combinations correct?

Have I used articles where they are needed?

Have I avoided misplaced/dangling modifiers?

Have I indicated possessives with apostrophes?

Your final assignment will be graded using the 6+1 Writing Traits™ rubric which can be found in the introductory course materials. You may wish to review this rubric by visiting the Orientation Unit, Rubrics and Grades Section, Part E prior to beginning the process of revising your work.

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