cmst 150 diversity journal

To confirm: there is not a book for this class. All readings are posted in your weekly modules. Once you have read and watched the links you can complete the journals.

Make sure you look in the announcements section frequently so that we all stay on the same page. That is going to be where I will post schedule change information and any important tips/ additional readings!

For full credit each question must include:

  • quote from the reading and thoughtful response to that quote. Highlight in blue
  • An example related to the question and the reading that relates to your personal life. Highlight in Yellow
  • An example related to the question and the reading that comes from an outside source (movie, TV, Magazine, previous courses, etc.) Highlight in Green
  • Through completion of all elements of the question
  • A question you had about the reading, your answer and one outside source you used to find the answer cited in APA formatting Highlighted in purple

Most answers are from 5-10 sentences depending on question and your personal interaction with the reading.


Question one

Talk to me about diversity.

How do you define diversity?

Is our college guilty of any of the diversity problems Ahmed discussed?

Do you feel Ahmed’s position on anger is justified? Describe your stance on anger. Have you ever felt angry about injustice?

Discuss 3 terms you didn’t know from the glossary. What was your reaction to this term? Will you add it to your vocabulary? Why or Why not?

Question 2

Talk to me about “colorblindness”

The woman who approached Ahmed after her session and touched arms with her saying she saw “no difference” exhibited what researchers call “colorblindness.” Why is ‘colorblindness” problematic?

Question 3

Talk to me about how the education system contributes to the oppression of people of color

How does UCLA’s Campus Tour video exhibit the problems Ahmed discussed in her article?

What expressions on the “spoken word” UCLA student’s video mirror points in Ahmed’s article?

Do you feel the “Spoken Word” video went too far? Not far enough? Do you feel the video was effective?

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