class discussion question 18

Is gentrification a good thing or bad thing? Discuss the impact of gentrification in your city/town or in one of the following cities. (NYC, Los Angeles, Charleston, Chicago, or New Orleans)

I live in New Orleans, LA

This is not an essay, just a class discussion. Please keep the response short 1 paragraph no more than 2. No reference, please be original.



Please respond to my classmate response below:

For a city like New Orleans gentrification is a good and bad thing. The city has a history that is unmatched by no other city in America, but the buildings and houses are run down. The neighborhood that were most productive and gave the city its life, has now died and been brought to a level that brings a bad image on the city. So to rebuild those areas allows you to retell the stories of the past that rang through the city. The bad part is a lot of the buildings are historic and by law are not allowed to be worked on, that makes some places hard to keep up with the beauty of the new buildings and houses. The best part about New Orleans that many other cities do not get to experiences is there are no color lines in the cities neighborhoods. New Orleans is the most diverse city in America. When they say money talk they had my city in mind. You can be the mayor living next door to the city mob leader as long as he has the money to live in East Over the city actually is going thru gentification in the Dyrades Street area. A part of town that was known as a pride area for the Mardi Gras Indians of uptown.

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