choose one of your previous writing assignments and fix any errors

Writing at the level of the sentence is an important part of any composition course. The purpose of this assignment is to engage with conventional practices and refine technique.

Part I.

Please review the Writing at the Sentence Level document I have included below. Choose one of your previous writing assignments and fix any errors. Highlight the changes in bold, and paste the revised text as the assignment for today. Some sentences may be rewritten from scratch in order to make them more clear.

The writing assignment I have included for you to use for this assignment is below titled “Nicholas Carr/ Is Google Making Us Stupid? pt.2″

Part II.

Explain some of the changes you made. What were a few required changes? What changes did you make to improve clarity and style?

Feel free to edit whatever you think is necessary to make this writing more clear. Make sure to get the assignment done asap and try to find and edit as many things as possible.

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